I am passionate about expanding my learning, so I attend workshops, conferences and courses regularly to grow, update and improve myself. Below you’ll find some information about my Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Here is a selection –

Course TitleProvider
Creative workCruse
Dream WorkMatthew Harwood
Working short termJune Hall
Working with TraumaKim Etherington
Motivational InterviewingSGDAS
Working with AngerJill Gabriel
EFTLou Lachman
Different approaches of working with TraumaSW Trauma Society
Introduction to Freedom ProgrameSurvive
Introduction to Freedom ProgrammeSouth Glos Council
Child Sexual AbuseCarolyn Spring, PODS
Hope for HealingCarolyn Spring, PODS
Dissociation and DIDCarolyn Spring, PODS
Working with DID in Clinical PracticeCarolyn Spring, PODS
Trauma, dissociation and RecoveryCarolyn Spring, PODS
Working with Relationship TraumaCarolyn Spring, PODS
Suicide and Self HarmCarolyn Spring, PODS
Working with Trauma and DissociationN Science UK
Mental Health and the Body: Treating TraumaCarolyn Spring, PODS

I have also set up a peer supervision group in conjunction with my fellow counsellors, and we meet on a monthly basis. This collaborative endeavor serves as an invaluable platform for me to actively engage with my professional peers, facilitating an environment where we can collectively contribute to one another’s growth and development.

Our regular meetings provide an invaluable space for me to gain fresh insights and maintain objectivity in my counselling practice. It allows me to share my experiences and challenges openly, inviting constructive feedback from my trusted colleagues. By doing so, I can refine and enhance my counselling skills and techniques, ensuring that I provide the best possible support to my clients.

Furthermore, the peer supervision group bolsters my ability to address complex issues encountered in my work. Through open and candid discussions, we collectively brainstorm and develop creative solutions, fostering a collaborative approach to problem-solving. This collaborative support network not only helps me grow as a counsellor but also ensures that I maintain the highest standards of care and professionalism in my field.

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There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.
A quote by Aldous Huxley